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22 Dec


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Music is all around us: we hear it on radio and TV, at the cinema, in the street …
It accompanies images in our films and documentaries, punctuates and accentuates our emotions or sometimes even generates them, symbolises ideas, represents and personifies products – and helps to sell them.

Here, at (Team 4 Action), we’re keenly aware of the importance of music for film directors, advertisers, agencies and television stations. Synchronisation (linking original music with images) and derived uses of music (for example radio advertising spots) are one of our central concerns.

Our catalogue offers a wide range of musical styles to match the most diverse images in a host of different ways, creating the ambience you are looking for – be it retro, romantic, dynamic, aggressive, disturbing or joyful. We will give our fullest attention to all your music requirements.

Our in-house studio, in collaboration with the numerous composers, singers and musicians we represent, also offers you a vast range of possibilities for original composed music tailor-made to our clients’ wildest desires!

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